The HTTP REST API goal is to make development faster and easier. There is no need for syncing with the blockchain and maintaining complicated setups. No more complex and multiple requests to the blockchain from different entry points, the developers can get all the data they need for transactions, token information and debug, in fewer requests.
We provide the most accessible and reliable Cardano infrastructure, freeing companies and developers from the responsibility to maintain complex infrastructures and focus instead on building their business logic and provide value to their customers.
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure: Harness the processing power of our globally distributed cloud-hosted node network. Our API alleviates the friction of maintaining your own compute and storage resources, lowering the barrier to entry for developers and enterprises.
  • Built for developers: Easy to read documentation and resources to help developers get started quickly.
  • Gain app insights: Our dashboard provides direct insights about API usage. Drill down into specific request methods and get response times, most used endpoints, usage by time of the day, IP address, countries and more. These insights are a great way to optimize applications based on user behaviour.
  • Standard Interface: Supports Mainnet and Testnet via client-compatible REST API over HTTPS.
  • Always Online: Running on the latest network upgrades with a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Check our API full reference documentation here https://www.tangocrypto.com/api-reference/