Get access to all of the events your users care about, like successful transactions, payments and minted blocks by a pool and use our powerful webhooks to instantly notify them.
With Notify you'll will be able to integrate production-ready notifications with our webhooks and SDKs integrations. Get access to all of the blockchain events your users might care about, like successful transactions, payments, minted blocks by a pool, new delegations and whatnot.
  • Payments and transactions: Allows sending notifications to users to know when their deposits, purchases, in-game actions or other on-chain activity has officially occurred.
  • Address Activity Webhooks: Let your users know when transaction activity occurs on their address. No more refreshing the page or having to use the dust to identify a payment.
  • Smart Retries: Sometimes receiving endpoints fails or hangs more often than you think. That’s why we provide automatic retries to ensure deliverability.
  • Monitoring and debug: We log every triggered webhook so you can monitor their deliverability to different endpoints, disable failing ones and notify your customers.
  • Development experience: Offer your users a great developer experience, including the ability to test and inspect their webhooks.