Price and fees

The NFT API and NFT Studio dashboard include all the information you need to know how the collection sale is going. You can see a breakdown of the fees and transactions:
  • Income: Amount of ADA received from NFT sales. This amount goes to the payout wallet defined in the collection.
  • Revenue: Amount of ADA generated by the sale of NFTs in the collection. This number represents gross sales; it doesn't include any fee deduction.
  • Sales: Amount of sales. A sale can have one or several NFTs bundled under a price tier.
  • Total Supply: Amount of NFTs in the collection.
  • Total Fees: Amount of ADA spent on fees. It includes minting fees, shipping fees, and transaction fees
  • Minting fees: Tangocrypto minting fee. This is 2 Ada NFT when you use the payment link on your own website. If you enable the website on the dashboard then the price is 2.5 Ada per NFT.
  • Shipping fees: Amount of ADA returned with the NFTs to the buyer's wallets. Cardano requires to send a minimum amount of ADA in any transaction. We reduce this value as much as possible. The shiping fees are discounted when the buyer makes a payment through the QR code. When they pay with the wallet connector there is no shiping fee because it's a single multisig transaction.
  • Transaction fees: Amount of ADA spent in transaction fees.