NFTs with multiple files

NFTs are data containers where you can add properties and also files. You can include an image, video, audio, etc... just add a pointer to the file in IPFS and some properties to describe it.
In the following example, we are creating a collection where every NFT will have one image used as a thumbnail and two video files, one in 8K and the other in SD (Standard Definition). This is just an example, and you can add whatever property you need to describe your files.

Create a collection

The first step is to fill in the collection's information and define the policy, but we are not shoing this here for simplicity so let's go straight to the metadata definition. If you have any doubt about the first steps, go to Create an NFT Collection. As you can see here, we are including conventional properties like the collection name, description and website. Then we enable multiple files with the checkbox, and we add the file's properties.
To include multiple files in a NFT you must check the box "include multiple files in the NFT"
Here we are adding metadata for the files and setting the properties. When you add files, the CIP25 standard sets media_type and src (image source - most likely a link to IPFS) as mandatory, therefore, we include them automatically, and you don't have to add them here.
Here we are going to add the name, resolution and duration. With this, we are just saying that every file will have those properties and must be defined during the token creation.
Create collection - NFTs with multiple files

Add NFTs to the collection

To create a NFT go to the collection and then click on the NFTs tab. When we create the NFT we have to define all the values for the properties we defined in the collection using. Therefore for both files we have to define the name, media_type, src, resolution and duration.
NFT with multiple files
In the next step we define the properties of the main file and click Create NFT.
Main file metadata and visualization
Once the NFT is created we can see it on the NFTs tab
NFT list
If you want to see the NFT detail and edit it just double click on the list element and it will show something like the following picture.
NFT detail