Create NFTs

How to create a single NFT

Once the collection is created you can start adding what will become a NFTs (technically speaking to be an NFT it needs to be minted in the blockchain). The next step is to upload the images and define the metadata for each NFT in the collection.
Go to the collection and click on the NFTs tab. Then click on New NFT and select Single NFT.
Create single NFT
Upload an image or paste the IPFS link and click Continue.
Upload image
Define the properties of the NFT. The fixed properties are taken from the collection; thus, we don't have to define them on every NFT. In this example, we have the website, Twitter and collection name as fixed properties. The required and variable properties are the ones we have to define. In this example, we have the asset name, colour, and background.
Define properties
You can see a preview of the NFT on the right side. You can add more properties here by adding name and value. For example, we added the new property element with a value fire.
Once you are ready, click on Create NFT, and the content will be uploaded to our system, and the image will be uploaded to IPFS automatically.
NFT properties and preview
Once the NFT is uploaded to IPFS and ready for sale, it will show up on the list with the status For sale.
NFTs list
You can see the details and edit the image or properties if you click on it.
NFT detail