NFT Studio

How to create and sell NFT collections using Tangocrypto NFT Studio
The NFT platform for creators. The easiest way to create and sell NFTs on Cardano.
No complicated definitions; fill in the information, visualize how they will look and launch.
NFTs for PFP, tickets, supply-chain traceability, game items, Airdrops, and more
Scale to thousands of concurrent users per second.
Master your flow and control your sale phases by applying different conditions.
Support for:
  • Thousands of NFTs
  • Allowlists
  • Denylists
  • Airdrops
  • NFT Bulk upload
  • Testnet and mainnet
  • Complete visibility of your minting process with the NFT Webhooks
Save up to 95% in cost.
Fully integrated payment gateway and integration with multiple wallets
Launch an NFT collection in minutes with no code