Pricing and fee structure

The NFT API and NFT Studio dashboard includes all the information you need to know how the collection sale is going. You can see a breakdown of the fees and transactions:
  • Income: Amount of ADA received from NFT sales. This amount goes to the payout wallet defined in the collection.
  • Revenue: Amount of ADA generated by the sale of NFTs in the collection. This number represents gross sales; it doesn't include any fee deduction.
  • Sales: Amount of sales. A sale can have one or several NFTs bundled under a price tier.
  • Total Supply: Amount of NFTs in the collection.
  • Total Fees: Amount of ADA spent on fees. It includes minting fees, shipping fees, and transaction fees
  • Minting fees: Tangocrypto minting fee. This is 2 Ada per sale and a sale can contain up to 20 NFTs.
  • Shipping fees: Amount of ADA returned with the NFTs to the buyer's wallets. Cardano requires to send a minimum amount of ADA in any transaction. We reduce this value as much as possible.
  • Transaction fees: Amount of ADA spent in transaction fees.
In the following example we sold package of 5 NFTs for 45 Ada. In this case this is what the dashboard will show.
NFT Studio collection dashboard
The followig image breaks down the ada distribution and fees:
Ada distirbution and fees
The previous image reflects a sale of 5 NFTs:
1 - The first step is receiving 45 Ada as a payment for the 5 NFTs.
2 - The second step is minting 5 NFTs and sending them to the buyer's wallet and in the same transaction, send the income for the buyer and the minting fee.
3 - The buyer can verify the reception of the NFTs and the amount Ada received carrying them. We call this amount the Shipping fees, and as you can see, it's 1.689618 Ada. Here you can see how Nami wallet shows it.
Take into consideration that you can save on fees by bundling several NFTs together in a single sale, and you can take that advantage depending on your business model. For example, if you want to do an Airdrop, this is a convenient way of doing it. In the following graph, you can compare a flat 2 Ada per NFT minting fee with a 2 Ada per sale minting fee. You can see how you can save up to 19K Ada (95%) by doing this.