Getting Started

The first step is to create an account, if you don't have an account here you can see how to create one.
You can choose the mainnet or the testnet for your queries. The API requires a valid app_id to be included with your request traffic. This identifier should be appended to the request URL.
For a complete reference of the API visit https://www.tangocrypto.com/api-reference/
Cardano mainnet
Cardano testnet

Minting flow

Minting NFTs with our API has a few steps:
  1. 1.
    Create an NFT collection
  2. 2.
    Upload tokens and their respective metadata
  3. 3.
    Create sale phases and price tiers.
  4. 4.
    Sell the collection
As you can see everything turns around the main entities in the API:
  • Collections
  • Tokens
  • Sale phases
  • Sales
API main entities
In the next sections we'll go deeper on each one of this entities.