It's a monitoring and observability service built for developers and the operation team. It provides data and actionable insights to monitor applications, respond to performance changes, optimize resource utilization, and get a unified view of the operational health of the apps. It can be used to detect anomalous behaviour, set alarms, visualize metrics, troubleshoot issues, and discover insights to keep your applications running smoothly.
  • Observability on a single dashboard: Monitor key metrics for apps, including requests per second, webhook utilization, error rate and response time. Explore, analyze, and visualize your requests and efficiently troubleshoot operational problems.
  • Usage Analysis: Review specific app usage over time, identify access patterns and optimize user experience based on most performed actions.
  • Geographic distribution: Gain invaluable insights on user behaviour with aggregated geographic, traffic, and activity data without compromising privacy or security.
  • Alerts and reports: Receive automated alerts through email or SMS based on predefined thresholds. Stay informed and be proactive by getting a daily or monthly report of key health metrics.
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