Getting Started

Quick start guide to Tangocrypto: fast, reliable, and scalable tools built for Cardano developers.
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📋 Steps to get started with Tangocrypto

This guide assumes you already have a Tangocrypto account and access to our Dashboard.

1. Create an APP

To use Tangocrypto's products, you need an API key to authenticate your requests.
You can create API keys from the dashboard, just click on Create App, name it and click create a new app:
Create App
Once the app is created it will generate an APP ID and an API Key. With those values you can start querying the API.
App details

2. Make a Request and start building

With the app-id and the x-api-key you can make requests. For example, let's make a request to get the latest block number:
curl --location \
--request GET 'https://cardano-testnet.tangocrypto.com/<app-id>/v1/blocks/latest' \
--header 'x-api-key: <your-api-key>'
You should get something like this:
"id": "3064146",
"hash": "f8eadfc91c3219b3d00d4a902174e0978e449f0e8a6f6b0584e06bbbedc0d050",
"epoch_no": 158,
"slot_no": 38197024,
"epoch_slot_no": 310624,
"block_no": 2940877,
"previous_block": 2940876,
"slot_leader": "pool1rcsezjrma577f06yp40lsz76uvwh7gne35afx3zrq2ktx50f8t8",
"size": 365,
"time": "2021-09-25T10:37:20.000Z",
"tx_count": "1",
"out_sum": "435928446",
"fees": "171441",
"op_cert": "333e175db9a2f89de5d9396c10b4dd136c3fffebd7f22d2eb0a3e8ef3884199c",
"vrf_key": "vrf_vk1ltjt3ucuvah43gpeqpw4n6say9u6s0kju8c8q76xctmvgsqawgrq7kj48j",
"confirmations": 1
Check here our API Reference for a full list of endpoints.